Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Little Landon graduated KG

This past Saturday, June the 6th my little Landon graduated from Kindergarten. Exactly, 17 years to the day that I graduated from high school!! Whew, time sure does fly...especially when you are having fun!! Landon is such a sweet soul, so kind and tenderhearted!!! He was so excited to be on stage, to be the leader (he was the first kindergartner), not shy like me at all!

On the way there he told the kids, "Now, get ready guys we are going to a party. Not a fun party, an important party. It has cookies and cake, but that's not the good part.
The good part is ME and I am gonna graduate! Please be good, so I can have a happy day"!!!
He did and we did!! One of my favorite parts was...A sweet young lady (also homeschooled and a friend of Hannah's) Holly sang the sweetest song (It made me cry)...although I didn't know at the time, it is a Taylor Swift song "The Best Day". Listen below.... I must admit Holly's version was better that Taylor's believe it or not!!!