Wednesday, July 11, 2012

this morning that little tug, became a big YANK!

WOW, it's been ages since I posted here! I've missed my little almost secret and unknown spot here in the big ole' blogging word!  After doing some thinking and feeling lately, I wrote this on Facebook today...

Thinking today: Am I really doing all that God has planned for me, am I really taking His love everywhere He wants it to go, am I letting His light shine in ALL and EVERY area of my life...and Am I fully using the blessings He gave me to FULLY glorify His name? I feel changes coming on!

I've really been feeling this tug...a tug to take a detour, to go in a new direction, take the path I hadn't planned on taking.  I guess I thought I had things figured out and that a card maker, stamper, little digi shop owner/artist was the one and only thing that God had planned for me. It has been a complete honor to receive emails from people (some I don't even know) requesting prayer or asking how does this Jesus thing work and how they can have, what a blessing! 

Today...this morning that little tug, became a big YANK! 

I can't ignore the fact that, while card making, stamping, scrapbooking is super fun & a great way to "met" new friends and touch is NOT the only part of me...I love more things, I have more to smile about, I have more to say, I have more to offer and share!  Sooooooo, from now on...I'm going to make it a priority to blog here daily and share My loves, My Blessings...MY HEART [♥]!

I sure hope you will stop in and visit from time to time!  

I'll see you in the morning, for fresh new start!!

♥Lori Boyd