Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How It all Began

Well, for the past couple of weeks, me and 2 of my friends, Jenn and Bekki have been tossing around potential names for our new business! One of my choices was "Pink Sassafras"!! Why? I LOVE Pink and the Sassafras tree actually has 3 completely different leaves that grow on that one tree (get the hidden meaning there? 3 different friends, 3 different leaves) Wow, I thought that was pretty amazing! Not to mention, the tree it's self is pretty, has a wonderful fragrance and sassafras is a cute word and fun to say, BUT it was voted OUT!!! I personally thought it was a fabulous name but it was my pick, so maybe I am bias!! :)

So, today I blogged my Challenge Card on my other blog
By LORI Designs

After posting the card, I told Hannah, Ah!! Shucks, I wanted to blog our Field Trip to the Apple Farm, but now I will have to wait a bit so I don't cause this post to go to the bottom of the page". Being the budding Genius that she is, she said, "Why don't you just make another blog for your Photography and Family and Homeschool stuff"!! "Excellent Idea!" I said. At first I tried to name my new blog "Boyd Photography", but it was unavailable. Then I remembered ... "Pink Sassafras"!!! And so it was and now it is....PINK SASSAFRAS!! I love it!! Hannah loves it! And That is how it all began!!

This is the Sassafras Tree! Pretty Huh?!?!

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