Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Visitor

Eric was heading out the other night to get us a few treats and look what was on our porch!!! Hannah races for the broom and I raced for the camera!

The little fella climbed right down into my umbrella stand turned edger stand. Eric went on to get Ice Cream, meanwhile I decided to be brave a get some great shots to blog. I got outside alright, but couldn't get back in the house. I was scared, that little thing has a huge mouth. I was standing in a porch chair, when once again my precious Hannah to the rescue...she opened the porch window (that's missing the screen) and whispered, "Mommy, here! Come in through here!! In a flash I was safe, back inside my home where that ugly (yea, by this time he was ugly and scary) thang couldn't get me! When Eric got home he let him loose and that ferocious beast went on his merry way!! Yuck!! Possums are gross!!

:) LORi


MaryJane said...

The boys enjoyed seeing your little visitor! The first pic actually makes it look sorta cute. That just proves that you can't always trust a snapshot! Opossums seem to be drawn to you! This isn't your first run in with one. Didn't you know that they are tree-dwelling marsupials?- not umbrella stand!

Bekki B said...

I think possums are cute! Tee Hee!

Cookie Sunshine said...

I would have died right then and there.

Tina said...

Ha Ha my boys would have been in heaven with this little not so much. My husband would have run the other way and i would have been the one to evict this tennant. but that is our little secret. LOL